Getting Results – How Long Before I Get Results with High Potency Supplements?

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is a question I hear often, especially in my consultations. Of course, there are many variables that can affect the answer. The first consideration is the current nutritional status of your body. This means how much of each of the vital nutrients you have in your system at any given moment. Keep in mind that it changes based on … Read More

adminGetting Results – How Long Before I Get Results with High Potency Supplements?

Bad Fish – Part 1

Reading Time: 2 minutes This post is the first in a series of the worst fish to eat. I think that it is important to pass on this information about fish as it pertains to your health, which you may not have seen before. Atlantic Cod (a.k.a. Gadus morhua, rock cod, codling, scrod cod) –  There are a couple of good reasons to eat less of … Read More

adminBad Fish – Part 1

Help! Why am I losing hair?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hair loss can have a few different causes. There is the genetic “Male Pattern Baldness” type of hair loss, as well as autoimmune causes. Something that you may have never thought about, however, is the possibility that hair loss could be caused by either poor circulation to the scalp or by stress. In the case of poor circulation, the hair … Read More

adminHelp! Why am I losing hair?

Getting the Best from Vitamin E

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vitamin E is another one of the free radical scavengers. It is a great antioxidant.  And, remember that free radicals are constantly being produced in your body during normal metabolic activities.  I often recommend taking up to 1000 IU (international units) on a daily basis. However, you cannot just jump in and start taking that much. If you do, you could … Read More

adminGetting the Best from Vitamin E

Allergic to peanuts? Help is on the way!

Reading Time: 2 minutes I travel quite a bit and came across a newspaper article about a “new” approach to people with peanut allergies. What really struck me is that this new approach is similar to something we have been recommending in the health food industry for years. Admittedly, however, not for food but for airborne allergies. What is generally suggested as a way … Read More

adminAllergic to peanuts? Help is on the way!

Time, Space and Energy

Reading Time: 2 minutes I had an interesting chat with my acupuncturist about time, space and energy. According to him it is an old Chinese thought. I felt it is appropriate to share because I think it can help relieve stress and anxiety. Basically, all three elements have to be aligned for things to work out. Sometimes the timing is off, other times the … Read More

adminTime, Space and Energy

The Truth About Drinking Soda

Reading Time: 3 minutes We love soda, but it works against us. Most people know that soda is unhealthy. It’s not breaking news. On the other hand, have you ever thought about or questioned if it is good for you? Food MythBusters did. This organization is a project that is dedicated to spreading “the real story of our food”. According to Food MythBusters, here are … Read More

adminThe Truth About Drinking Soda

How to Cleanse the Blood

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have mentioned in the past that your blood is the life of the body. So let’s examine the cleansing process of the blood stream, which is carried out by the body’s detoxification systems. Without these systems, the body would become toxic and be unable to live. The three main detoxification systems of the body are the Respiratory, Defecatory and Urinary systems. … Read More

adminHow to Cleanse the Blood

Protect Your Body With These Simple Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes We always begin with diet. The ideal diet would be 80 percent raw, 15 percent cooked and 5 percent junk. An easier approach is 60 percent raw, 30 percent cooked and 10 percent junk. Allowing for the junk removes the resentment energy associated with deprivation. If you ever see me eating a pizza or some other questionable food, you will … Read More

adminProtect Your Body With These Simple Tips

Arthritis? The Right Diet Can Help

Reading Time: 2 minutes What can you do about Arthritis? The first thing I always recommend is a dietary change. It’s not that the diet caused arthritis directly. Uric acid, a by-product of nucleic acid metabolism (the metabolism of DNA and RNA) can aggravate it. Uric acid crystals circulating in the bloodstream may damage the synovial membrane of the joints. When that happens the lubricating … Read More

adminArthritis? The Right Diet Can Help