Simple, Natural Ways to Boost Energy

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Natural ways to boost energyEnergy. Most of us feel like we could do with more of it each day. We have things to do, work to accomplish, and responsibilities to fulfill. While there’s no magic pill for perfect energy levels, there are thankfully some small, natural ways to boost energy that can make a huge difference over time.

9 Natural Ways to Boost Energy Today

The key to better energy is, ultimately, taking care of yourself. Life can be hard and demanding at times, so treat yourself with compassion first and foremost. With that in mind, start today with the intention to try some of these tips for natural ways to boost energy levels.

1. Drop What’s Not a Priority

Overwhelm, specifically from an overflowing to-do list, can easily zap your energy and cause fatigue.

Take a look at everything you have to do today and put it into a basic hierarchy of priority. What absolutely has to get done, and what can wait? Be honest with yourself in your answers. When it comes to the less-important items, see if you can shift them to later in the week, next week, or ask for help completing them.

For large to-dos that must get done but feel “heavy,” break them into small, easily doable steps. They can look a lot less overwhelming when broken down, and that might instantly help them to feel lighter.

2. Move Your Body

Everyone knows exercise is important, but it can be a struggle to fit it in. If you need a quick boost of energy, do just five to ten minutes of movement like:

  • Walking briskly
  • Going up and down stairs
  • Jogging
  • Doing a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout
  • Jumping jacks or
  • Riding your bike to work

For more ideas, try these simple exercises.

Even a short amount of exercise helps your body release stress hormones and leaves you feeling more energized.

3. Eat Frequently—and Eat ENOUGH

Large meals can make some people feel tired, especially if the meals contain too many high-glycemic or dense foods. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day that contain a lot of lower-glycemic foods like:

  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Minimally-processed whole grains
  • Beans and legumes
  • Nuts, seeds and other healthy fats
  • Low-fat dairy foods
  • Healthy proteins

Getting a balance of carbs, fats and proteins with each meal or snack can help keep your blood sugar levels stabilized and prevent the afternoon “crash” so many of us are familiar with.

4. Drink Water

Being dehydrated can leave you feeling low in energy. Make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day, and always hydrate after exercise and whenever you’re feeling fatigued.

5. Do Something You Enjoy Every Day

Not everything you do needs to have a clear goal in mind. In fact, play is an important part of a fulfilling life. If you’re spending all day on activities that don’t bring you joy, it can leave you drained.

Think of things you enjoy doing just because, and try to do at least one of those each day—even if it’s only for 15 minutes. If you’re not sure what you enjoy, try reading a popular book, drawing, writing, or some hobby you’ve always been curious about.

6. Use Caffeine Wisely

While caffeine doesn’t actually give you energy, it can help increase alertness. But be careful not to consume it too close to bedtime if you have trouble sleeping. If you’re constantly reaching for more caffeine to stay energized, it’s a sign another part of your lifestyle probably needs attention.

7. Go to Bed Earlier

Many of us overdo the caffeine because we’re not getting enough sleep every night. This is understandable when we’re so busy, but the truth is, sleeping enough is one of the best natural ways to boost energy. Try going to bed a little earlier tonight, then gradually work to move that bedtime to earlier.

8. Be Around Good People

Social connections are also vital to feeling good. Humans are social creatures, and being isolated too much can rob us of our energy. Reach out to a friend or family member today. Ask them how they’re doing, and ask if they want to meet for coffee this week.

9. Know Your Energy Nutrients

Getting enough nutrition is also key to boosting energy levels each day. There are certain vitamins that are particularly important for energy production. Those include:

  • Pantothenic acid
  • Vitamin B-12
  • Vitamin C
  • Folic acid

Adrenal Xtra Energy Support was created with several of these nutrients, as well as Rhodiola rosea, an adaptogenic herb, for natural energy support.

The Bottom Line

Try some of the above tips today and see how they feel when it comes to your energy levels. Don’t forget to take time for yourself and consider your personal energy needs as you go through each day.

Michael Schwartz, NMD

Michael Schwartz, NMD
President and Founder
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