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Our 100% Consumer Satisfaction Guarantee

Your health and well-being is the number one concern for me and my staff at Michael’s Naturopathic Programs.

We constantly strive to perfect our formulas & create optimal support programs that allow your body to function properly and help you live a more happy and healthy life.

We are SO committed to this philosophy that we provide ALL of our products with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Here are the details:

We recommend that you take the suggested dosage of your supplements to experience the full effectiveness of the formula in your body. We also recommend that you maintain a proper diet and healthy lifestyle while on your journey to optimal health. If you have questions on how to do this, please consult our Wellness Reports on the website and/or an additional trusted health specialist.

Our clients frequently experience a noticeable, positive reaction within (3) to (10) days of beginning one of our programs. We recommend that you allow the nutrients, vitamins, herbs & minerals at least 2-4 weeks to have a full effect on your system & for you to have a better comprehension of their effects.

If after you purchase a product from us, you find that your satisfaction has not been met on any level of better living, we strongly encourage you to contact us directly and ask for a full refund-less shipping costs. When you request a refund with us, you will have no trouble or resistance. We respect your decision and want to part ways as friends.

The only thing that we ask of you is to let us know the reason that you are not satisfied. This is only to help us improve and make our products, formulas and programs better for future clients. This is the one thing that we do ask in exchange for your refund and it’s greatly appreciated information.


Please note:

It is often found by our clients that when a product does not seem to be working for its intended purpose, the reasons may be based on a stronger need of those same nutrients in another area or system of your body. We encourage you to contact our staff with any questions, guidance or assistance that you may be seeking during your journey towards optimal health.


Again, your health and well being are our number one concerns.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to make an impact in your life.

To Better Health,


Michael Schwartz


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