Cold vs Flu Symptoms & Natural Approaches

Reading Time: 3 minutes Runny nose, fever, aching body, sneezing. We’re all familiar with these symptoms and most of us experience them sometimes. Both the common cold and flu are frequent ailments people get each year, especially during the winter months, and sometimes it can be hard to tell them apart. Let’s look at how to tell the difference and some natural approaches for … Read More

adminCold vs Flu Symptoms & Natural Approaches

6 Natural Ways to Protect Your Immune System This Holiday Season

Reading Time: 3 minutes So much of the holidays is about community – shopping for gifts, visiting loved ones, going to parties and more. While these are all wonderful aspects of the season, they can take a toll on your immune system. From packed stores and crowded planes to holiday parties and huggy greetings with friends and relatives, you come into close contact with … Read More

admin6 Natural Ways to Protect Your Immune System This Holiday Season

Surprising Things That Can Affect Your Immunity

Reading Time: 3 minutes Autumn is well on its way, which means cold season will be here before we know it! That means more people prepping tissue supplies and stocking up on Vitamin C. You might know that you can help prevent sickness and support immunity during this time through better health choices, such as eating more colorful, antioxidant-rich foods (leafy greens, berries, carrots, … Read More

adminSurprising Things That Can Affect Your Immunity

Allergic to peanuts? Help is on the way!

Reading Time: 2 minutes I travel quite a bit and came across a newspaper article about a “new” approach to people with peanut allergies. What really struck me is that this new approach is similar to something we have been recommending in the health food industry for years. Admittedly, however, not for food but for airborne allergies. What is generally suggested as a way … Read More

adminAllergic to peanuts? Help is on the way!

How Much Vitamin C Should You Take?

Reading Time: 2 minutes How much Vitamin C should I take daily? This is a great question. Each of us is bio-chemically unique. Because of diet and lifestyle, including work environment, different nutrient requirements exist and different levels are present in our blood stream.  Unlike most other animals, humans cannot make Vitamin C in their bodies.  It must be obtained from food or supplements. … Read More

adminHow Much Vitamin C Should You Take?


Reading Time: 3 minutes I was at a trade show this past weekend and did a consult with a woman who has been having anxiety attacks for a long time. Anxiety can have multiple causes. Fundamentally, all of the causes for anxiety lie within the subconscious mind, because anxiety, as stress, is the result of how a person responds to what they see and … Read More


Vitamin A – Your Immune System’s Best Friend

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vitamin A is my favorite nutrient. I carry a small bottle with me whenever I travel. At the first sign of something, (like that little sticky feeling in the back of the throat), I start taking my vitamin A. The reason for this approach is that vitamin A goes straight to the thymus gland and helps nourish the T-cells. Now I … Read More

adminVitamin A – Your Immune System’s Best Friend

Breathe easy …

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is a saying that “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change.” But, extreme weather changes can wreak havoc on the body. They stress it out and tax the immune system. When that happens, you sometimes end up with congestion. Congestion is a collection of fluid in the body, generally found in an organ. … Read More

adminBreathe easy …

Keeping A Healthy Immune System

Reading Time: 2 minutes Today we are faced with the fact that our bodies – especially our immune systems – are having a more difficult time defending us. Why is this so? We will touch on two aspects that are instrumental in weakening the immune system. STRESS It has been demonstrated that stress adversely affects the immune system. Stress taxes the adrenal glands, which … Read More

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