7 Healthy Brain Foods to Eat This Week

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen we discuss health, it’s often centered around topics like strong bones and heart, balanced blood sugar and healthy weight. But we mustn’t forget about the important organ that sits atop our whole body and is vital for everything we think and do: the brain! Good Brain Foods By considering the health of our entire body, including the brain, we … Read More

admin7 Healthy Brain Foods to Eat This Week

Friendships: Can They Help Us Live Longer?

Reading Time: 3 minutesFriendships can play an important role in health and longevity. Being socially connected to other humans is one of our most basic needs — not only for surviving but also thriving. We crave and need company. Ironically, despite being more connected than ever through the internet, we’re currently experiencing a “loneliness epidemic” that can bring disharmony to our health. According … Read More

adminFriendships: Can They Help Us Live Longer?