12 Life-Changing & Realistic Goals for the New Year

Reading Time: 4 minutes With a new year upon us, you’ve probably seen a lot of people looking back on the past 365 days and discussing what they want to do differently. New Year’s resolutions are incredibly common, but they are rarely followed through by the end of the year. Much of the time, this happens because the goals are too big without clear … Read More

admin12 Life-Changing & Realistic Goals for the New Year

Are You Drinking Enough Water This Winter?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most people know that staying hydrated is vital during the warm summer months. But what about drinking enough water during the colder winter season? Here’s what you need to know about hydration when the temperatures drop. What Does Drinking Enough Water Mean? You’ve probably heard the “eight glasses a day” recommendation for staying hydrated. For some people, this might be … Read More

adminAre You Drinking Enough Water This Winter?

How to Prevent Getting Sick This Winter

Reading Time: 3 minutes While it’s possible to get sick at any time of year, the risk of disease typically spikes during winter. You probably notice more people around you (including yourself) coming down with something as the temperatures drop. This can make it easy to enjoy the festivities this time of year, but thankfully, there are some actions you can take to reduce … Read More

adminHow to Prevent Getting Sick This Winter

Best Home Remedies for Heartburn

Reading Time: 3 minutes Heartburn is often described as discomfort or burning in the mid and upper chest, sometimes including the neck and throat. About a third of Americans experience heartburn once a month or more. Some deal with it every day. Heartburn can be incredibly uncomfortable, which is why many people look for daily home remedies for heartburn that can help. Frequent heartburn, … Read More

adminBest Home Remedies for Heartburn

6 Things Healthy Families Do Every Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes With jobs, school, after-school activities, and more, it can be hard to stay healthy as a family, let alone get together once a day for dinner. Eating and living healthfully can be challenging when you have kids. However, developing healthy habits early on is important for preventing disease later in life and making sure the whole family feels their best. … Read More

admin6 Things Healthy Families Do Every Day

Top 7 Healthy Travel Tips for On the Road

Reading Time: 3 minutes Spring is here, and when the warmer months arrive many of us are excited to get out for some vacation time. If you’re planning to travel this year, don’t forget the importance of caring for yourself—even while you’re on the go. Making a point to eat, move and sleep well will make your vacation time more enjoyable because you’ll feel … Read More

adminTop 7 Healthy Travel Tips for On the Road

Self-Care Ideas for Peace and Calm

Reading Time: 3 minutes So many holidays and life events during the year allow us to dote on the special people in our lives, but it’s often much harder to care for the most important person: ourselves. Today and every day, celebrate “Self-Care”! Here are 11 simple self-care ideas to show yourself some love this week, this month, this year. 1. Breathe Deeply for … Read More

adminSelf-Care Ideas for Peace and Calm

How to Get Good Sleep Tonight

Reading Time: 3 minutes Getting enough sleep is just as important as good diet and exercise for your health. But many of us are walking around sleep-deprived, day after day. Whether you have a busy schedule, deal with sleep problems like insomnia, or just have poor sleep habits, here are some tips for improving your sleeping conditions—starting tonight! What Lack of Sleep Does to … Read More

adminHow to Get Good Sleep Tonight

Winter Allergies and How to Manage Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes Weather is a common allergy trigger—so it’s no surprise that winter allergies are typical as it gets colder outside. And allergies in the chillier months are often slightly different than they are other times of the year. If you notice an increase in itchy and watery eyes and nose, sneezing, wheezing or other allergy-type symptoms during winter, here are some … Read More

adminWinter Allergies and How to Manage Them

7 Ways to Fight Winter Fatigue and Tiredness

Reading Time: 3 minutes Winter brings us shorter days, less sunlight and colder temperatures. For many of us, that means tasks like getting up for work or going to the gym become a real struggle—also known as: winter fatigue. Winter fatigue and tiredness can hit some of us hard, and there are scientific reasons for it: When days are shorter and darker in the … Read More

admin7 Ways to Fight Winter Fatigue and Tiredness