Winter Allergies and How to Manage Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes Weather is a common allergy trigger—so it’s no surprise that winter allergies are typical as it gets colder outside. And allergies in the chillier months are often slightly different than they are other times of the year. If you notice an increase in itchy and watery eyes and nose, sneezing, wheezing or other allergy-type symptoms during winter, here are some … Read More

adminWinter Allergies and How to Manage Them

7 Ways to Fight Winter Fatigue and Tiredness

Reading Time: 3 minutes Winter brings us shorter days, less sunlight and colder temperatures. For many of us, that means tasks like getting up for work or going to the gym become a real struggle—also known as: winter fatigue. Winter fatigue and tiredness can hit some of us hard, and there are scientific reasons for it: When days are shorter and darker in the … Read More

admin7 Ways to Fight Winter Fatigue and Tiredness

Why Proper Hand Washing Matters & How to Practice It

Reading Time: 3 minutes Proper hand washing is an act many of us take for granted. As kids, we were taught to wash our hands after going to the bathroom, before eating dinner, etc. But it’s easy to get lazy in this area and forget why good hand hygiene is so important—especially during winter months. Let’s look at why proper hand washing really matters … Read More

adminWhy Proper Hand Washing Matters & How to Practice It

5 Life-Saving Reasons to Quit Smoking Now

Reading Time: 3 minutes Over 15 out of every 100 American adults currently smoke cigarettes, and 18 million are living with a disease related to smoking, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Smoking is also the #1 cause of preventable diseases and death, leading to about one in five deaths each year. Clearly, smoking doesn’t do any favors for your chances of … Read More

admin5 Life-Saving Reasons to Quit Smoking Now

Keep Your Bladder Healthy for Life

Reading Time: 3 minutes November is Healthy Bladder Month. Not a particularly exciting topic and most people don’t actively talk about their bladder health. The truth is, it’s very important! Your bladder supports you by moving waste (urine) from your body every day. If something goes wrong with the bladder—which is especially more common as you get older—it can largely impact your life. The … Read More

adminKeep Your Bladder Healthy for Life

5 Tips for Healthy Lungs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every moment, your lungs are working for you, bringing oxygen into your body and removing carbon dioxide waste. Breathing is what keeps our cells working—breaking down nutrients and creating the energy our bodies need to function. This is why healthy lungs are so vital to a healthy body: they literally keep us going! Chances are, you don’t think much about … Read More

admin5 Tips for Healthy Lungs

The Best Foods and Exercises for Your Bones and Joints

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bone and joint conditions are the most common reason for severe chronic pain and physical disability in the world.[1] Hundreds of millions of people are affected by problems related to bone and joint health (also known as musculoskeletal health), and they become more prevalent as we get older. Bone and joint issues can happen for a variety of reasons, but … Read More

adminThe Best Foods and Exercises for Your Bones and Joints

Sitting Too Much is Dangerous: 5 Ways to Move Your Body More

Reading Time: 3 minutes Did you know that sitting too much can increase your risk of almost every disease? A study from the American Cancer Society has demonstrated the dangers of sitting for too long. It suggests that women who sit for six or more hours per day increase their risk of dying early by 19 percent compared with women who sit less than … Read More

adminSitting Too Much is Dangerous: 5 Ways to Move Your Body More

Summer Sunscreen Safety

Reading Time: 2 minutes The bright and sunny weather is making its way across most of the country. So, now it’s time to start thinking about summer sunscreen safety. If you’re like most health-conscious people, you’re probably stuck on the same questions every summer. What can I use for sunscreen? How do I know it’s safe? Does it really work? With so many questions, … Read More

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9 Simple Workplace Wellness Ideas for a Healthier Office

Reading Time: 3 minutes A healthy work environment is key to having happy and satisfied employees. And since many office workers struggle to get enough physical activity or eat well, why not encourage their health journeys—while boosting office morale—by incorporating health and wellness into the workday? The benefits of encouraging healthy habits in the workplace include: Healthier and happier employees Increased engagement and productivity … Read More

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