Ear Infection Symptoms and How to Avoid Them

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ear infections can happen year round, but some people—especially kids—can get them more during the warmer months while swimming and doing other water-related activities. No matter when they happen, though, ear infections aren’t fun to deal with, and the more you can do to avoid or prevent them, the better! To help you stay informed, here are some of the … Read More

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Holistic Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

Reading Time: 3 minutes The winter months bring us the holidays, a new year, and many other meaningful times of life. But colder temperatures and shorter days can also spur an imbalance in some of us, causing a winter blues that lingers during the season. If you’re seeking natural methods for dealing with low mood during the colder months of the year, here are … Read More

adminHolistic Ways to Fight the Winter Blues

Bloated? 6 Things That Could Be Causing It

Reading Time: 3 minutes Most of us have felt bloated at times. But for some people, it’s an everyday occurrence. Although most of the time bloating isn’t serious, it can be a real annoyance if it happens often. Let’s look at some of the most common causes of bloating and how we can address them. #1 Eating Too Fast Eating too fast leads to … Read More

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6 Ways to Boost Focus & Concentration Naturally

Reading Time: 3 minutes Our daily choices affect the brain, as well as the rest of the body — and sometimes our modern environment can make us feel a little off, tired, or experience a lack of concentration or “brain fog”. Thankfully, there are some habits we can adopt to naturally support focus and productivity each day. Here are some top tips to try: … Read More

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Headaches: Causes and Natural Tips for Relief

Reading Time: 3 minutes Headaches show up in different ways depending on the situation and severity, but one thing’s for sure — they aren’t fun. In fact, regular headaches can greatly interfere with quality of life. Let’s look at some of the possible common causes of headaches and some tips you can try for relief. What Causes Headaches? There isn’t one known cause for … Read More

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How A Meaningful Life Can Help You Sleep Better

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you wake up each day with a purpose? Whether you do or not could have a significant impact on your sleep and sleep-related conditions. A study recently published in Sleep Science and Practice journal demonstrated this in over 800 senior citizens. The results showed that those who said their lives were meaningful experienced: Better sleep quality 52 percent less likelihood … Read More

adminHow A Meaningful Life Can Help You Sleep Better

Gotta Go Too Often?

Reading Time: 2 minutes   If you are one of those folks who needs to urinate more frequently than most, there is a reason. Or let me say, many reasons. One of them could be an irritated bladder. Here are some of the stimulants that aggravate the bladder: sweet dried fruit; condiments, such as soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup, mayo, because they contain acids or … Read More

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Itchy skin & watery eyes? You could have allergies!

Reading Time: 2 minutes   An allergy is an abnormal reaction to something in your environment or to a food you eat. Triggers are called allergens. The allergens in food are somewhat of a mystery to medical science. It is largely unknown why some food proteins are more allergenic than others. Allergies are labeled, identified, and classified by how, and to what degree, the … Read More

adminItchy skin & watery eyes? You could have allergies!

Healthy Skin: Tips for Acne Issues

Reading Time: 2 minutes In a previous post on Acne, Aging and Attitude, I mentioned the causes of acne. Now I would like to offer helpful suggestions to deal with the issue. Dietary Changes for Healthy Skin A good starting point for cleaning the interior of the body and preventing most incoming toxins is improving the diet. Eat as many living, organic foods as … Read More

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Dangers of Benzene – The Facts

Reading Time: 2 minutes Have you ever received an email from a well-meaning friend passing on information that appeared credible on the surface, but turned out to have little real basis in fact? I received one such email about the dangers of high benzene levels inside hot cars. At first blush it appeared to be credible, but on further investigation the majority of the … Read More

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