5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Depression

Reading Time: 4 minutes Millions of Americans live with a mental health condition like depression. While there is no substitute for getting professional help for your mental health concerns, there are several lifestyle changes for depression that can support your body and mind during a difficult time. Lifestyle Changes for Depression or Low Mood The mind-body connection is strong. Nourishing one aspect of your … Read More

admin5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Depression

5 Tips for Healthy Lungs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every moment, your lungs are working for you, bringing oxygen into your body and removing carbon dioxide waste. Breathing is what keeps our cells working—breaking down nutrients and creating the energy our bodies need to function. This is why healthy lungs are so vital to a healthy body: they literally keep us going! Chances are, you don’t think much about … Read More

admin5 Tips for Healthy Lungs

The Best Foods and Exercises for Your Bones and Joints

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bone and joint conditions are the most common reason for severe chronic pain and physical disability in the world.[1] Hundreds of millions of people are affected by problems related to bone and joint health (also known as musculoskeletal health), and they become more prevalent as we get older. Bone and joint issues can happen for a variety of reasons, but … Read More

adminThe Best Foods and Exercises for Your Bones and Joints

Breast Health: What You Need to Know

Reading Time: 3 minutes October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is all about breast health. Most women probably don’t think too much about this day-to-day—but it’s an important topic. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, and you can expect them to change throughout your life. Knowing what’s normal and what needs a second look can help you stay healthy and reduce your … Read More

adminBreast Health: What You Need to Know