Branching Out the Family Tree: Improving Reproductive Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes Can the reproductive system be nourished to become fertile? Every system, gland, organ and function in the body REQUIRES nutrients to be able to perform and function properly. The question is, can we feed ourselves enough so that they perform at optimal levels? The answer is yes … and no. Nourishment and support to your reproductive system can be attained through … Read More

adminBranching Out the Family Tree: Improving Reproductive Health

Acid Reflux

Reading Time: 2 minutes Acid reflux, GERD, heartburn and indigestion can all seem to be the same problem. When I ask people what they think causes it, I hear some of the same answers: too much stomach acid, too much hydrochloric acid and too little digestive enzymes. I would like to give a different perspective that may clarify what is going on. When you … Read More

adminAcid Reflux

The B-complex Vitamins – Simplified

Reading Time: 2 minutes Technically, vitamins are classified as coenzymes or cofactors that must be supplied to the body because the body cannot synthesize them. Coenzymes and cofactors are needed to activate other substances in the body.  Since your bodily functions are dependent upon the activation of enzymes and proteins, enough of the vitamins are needed to make whole and complete enzymes where and … Read More

adminThe B-complex Vitamins – Simplified

What Are You Breathing? Getting Rid of Indoor Air Pollution.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hardly anyone thinks of their home as being a polluted environment. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated that indoor air pollutant levels can be higher than what is outside. (See EPA article here.) This reminded me of complaints I heard from employees at a new bank in our neighborhood. Everyone inside became ill and some developed allergy-like symptoms. … Read More

adminWhat Are You Breathing? Getting Rid of Indoor Air Pollution.

Carbohydrates and Weight Issues

Reading Time: 2 minutes   When we feel down or overwhelmed there is a tendency to reach for our personal comfort foods, which oftentimes include carbohydrates. Carbohydrates that are part of our comfort food system turn to glucose (sugar). Almost everything we consume turns to sugar, which puts too much sugar into the bloodstream. When there is an overabundance that is not used by … Read More

adminCarbohydrates and Weight Issues


Reading Time: 3 minutes I was at a trade show this past weekend and did a consult with a woman who has been having anxiety attacks for a long time. Anxiety can have multiple causes. Fundamentally, all of the causes for anxiety lie within the subconscious mind, because anxiety, as stress, is the result of how a person responds to what they see and … Read More


Energy Metabolism

Reading Time: 2 minutes The body gets its energy from the foods you eat through the process of healthy metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Energy metabolism is one of the most important aspects of good health. Metabolism is the term used to describe the sum of all chemical processes which take place in the body. There are quite a few nutrients essential for … Read More

adminEnergy Metabolism

Vitamin A – Your Immune System’s Best Friend

Reading Time: 2 minutes Vitamin A is my favorite nutrient. I carry a small bottle with me whenever I travel. At the first sign of something, (like that little sticky feeling in the back of the throat), I start taking my vitamin A. The reason for this approach is that vitamin A goes straight to the thymus gland and helps nourish the T-cells. Now I … Read More

adminVitamin A – Your Immune System’s Best Friend