Constipation Aggravation?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you have a tendency toward constipation? As a Mind-Body counselor, I ask my clients many questions to get an understanding of what is taking place in their lives and bodies. The first question almost always is, “What did your doctor say you are dealing with?” From there, I ask more questions, which always includes questions about bowel movements. I … Read More

adminConstipation Aggravation?

The Science Behind Our Supplements

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gender-specific supplements are not new. They began over 25 years ago. But perhaps you don’t know it was Michael’s® Naturopathic Programs that introduced this whole new supplement category to the marketplace. Today, many major companies have added gender-specific supplements to their line. But it began with us. Here’s the science behind our supplements. Why Gender-Specific? Back in the day, my … Read More

adminThe Science Behind Our Supplements