Michael Schwartz with Dr. Koontz on KNFX

Reading Time: < 1 minute “Give the body what it needs and the body will manufacture what it requires,” says Michael Schwartz on Dr. Dan Koontz’ Radio Show, KNFX in Phoenix. Enlightening! About Dr. Dan Koontz Dr. Koontz built one of America’s largest medical practices with the Guaranteed Weight Loss Cure which created the necessity of expanded clinical services for management of obesity complications. He is a consultant to several industries including … Read More

adminMichael Schwartz with Dr. Koontz on KNFX

Stressed Out? The 3 Minerals Your Body Needs

Reading Time: 2 minutes Life is a wonderful, scary, inspiring, debilitating, invigorating and sometimes uncertain. Of course there are more adjectives that can be used to describe life. The truth is your life is what you make. It is the result of your belief system in action. That being said, one of the most common things we all deal with that has a profound … Read More

adminStressed Out? The 3 Minerals Your Body Needs

Can You Lick Your Sugar Habit?

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all know that sugar is not a healthy substance. It might taste great and adds a dimension of enjoyment to everything we put it on or in. But it is one of the major ingredients that leads to diseases. \ We know it affects our teeth; can add weight and cause diabetes just to name a few issues. So … Read More

adminCan You Lick Your Sugar Habit?

Let’s Get Healthy: Choosing a Diet

Reading Time: 2 minutes On my iPad, I get U.S. and World news. There was an article on diets that I found interesting. A U.S. News panel of diet and nutrition experts examined the top five diet plans for 2013 that offer either weight loss goals or treatment of specific health conditions. They include the Acid Alkaline diet, which promises pH balance control through an alkaline-rich diet. … Read More

adminLet’s Get Healthy: Choosing a Diet

Welcome to my blog “Let’s Get Healthy”!

Reading Time: 3 minutes I’m all about being healthy in the “here and now” and laying a foundation for active, healthy aging. For me EVERYTHING begins with finding understandings and then building on them to get the whole picture. Said differently, the whole understanding about what is needed, and why and where to get it. As a mind/body and nutritional consultant, I saw great … Read More

adminWelcome to my blog “Let’s Get Healthy”!