6 Ways to Boost Focus & Concentration Naturally

Reading Time: 3 minutesOur daily choices affect the brain, as well as the rest of the body — and sometimes our modern environment can make us feel a little off, tired, or experience a lack of concentration or “brain fog”. Thankfully, there are some habits we can adopt to naturally support focus and productivity each day. Here are some top tips to try: … Read More

admin6 Ways to Boost Focus & Concentration Naturally

Headaches: Causes and Natural Tips for Relief

Reading Time: 3 minutesHeadaches show up in different ways depending on the situation and severity, but one thing’s for sure — they aren’t fun. In fact, regular headaches can greatly interfere with quality of life. Let’s look at some of the possible common causes of headaches and some tips you can try for relief. What Causes Headaches? There isn’t one known cause for … Read More

adminHeadaches: Causes and Natural Tips for Relief

7 Healthy Brain Foods to Eat This Week

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen we discuss health, it’s often centered around topics like strong bones and heart, balanced blood sugar and healthy weight. But we mustn’t forget about the important organ that sits atop our whole body and is vital for everything we think and do: the brain! Good Brain Foods By considering the health of our entire body, including the brain, we … Read More

admin7 Healthy Brain Foods to Eat This Week

Friendships: Can They Help Us Live Longer?

Reading Time: 3 minutesFriendships can play an important role in health and longevity. Being socially connected to other humans is one of our most basic needs — not only for surviving but also thriving. We crave and need company. Ironically, despite being more connected than ever through the internet, we’re currently experiencing a “loneliness epidemic” that can bring disharmony to our health. According … Read More

adminFriendships: Can They Help Us Live Longer?

Is Coffee Okay? 5 Things You Should Know

Reading Time: 3 minutesMany people look forward to a fresh cup of coffee to start their day or for a “boost” during an afternoon slump. But those who are health conscious might be wondering if coffee is okay to consume regularly. Well, the answer to that isn’t black and white, but let’s look at some facts about coffee and how it affects our … Read More

adminIs Coffee Okay? 5 Things You Should Know

Always Tired? These Changes Could Help

Reading Time: 3 minutesWe all feel low energy sometimes, but it’s a problem if feeling tired is a daily occurrence. While there are a number of reasons for tiredness and fatigue, some simple changes might help you feel more refreshed and energized once your head leaves the pillow and you start your day! Get More Sleep When we have a full life, we … Read More

adminAlways Tired? These Changes Could Help

4 Ways to Better Support Your Bones

Reading Time: 2 minutesEating and living well is the best way to nourish our bodies and avoid health concerns as we get older — and that includes the health of our bones! They form the framework of our bodies, so having strong bones is important for avoiding long-term issues, such as bone loss and fractures. What Affects Bone Health? Although bone loss is … Read More

admin4 Ways to Better Support Your Bones

How A Meaningful Life Can Help You Sleep Better

Reading Time: 3 minutesDo you wake up each day with a purpose? Whether you do or not could have a significant impact on your sleep and sleep-related conditions. A study recently published in Sleep Science and Practice journal demonstrated this in over 800 senior citizens. The results showed that those who said their lives were meaningful experienced: Better sleep quality 52 percent less likelihood … Read More

adminHow A Meaningful Life Can Help You Sleep Better

5 Dehydration Symptoms to Be Mindful of This Summer

Reading Time: 3 minutesThere are many reasons to look forward to the summer season: vacations, the kids being out of school, longer days, and getting sun out by the pool. But are you staying hydrated enough? Drinking enough water is always important, but it’s especially crucial in summer months when temperatures are higher and we’re moving and sweating more during the day. Some … Read More

admin5 Dehydration Symptoms to Be Mindful of This Summer

Exercise: Are You Getting Enough?

Reading Time: 3 minutesYou likely know that exercise is important. But how much do you need, exactly? And how do stay motivated if exercise itself seems like a chore? If these are questions you have, here’s a quick breakdown so you can truly begin making exercise work for you. How Much Exercise Do We Need? General guidelines recommend that most adults get at … Read More

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