Have a Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day: Fun Ways to Thrive Together

Reading Time: 3 minutesFebruary is American Heart Month! And since we’re all about sharing the love through health, here are some passionate ways to care for your heart on the holiday most popular for sharing it, Valentine’s Day. Cook a Wholesome Meal Together Going out to eat is a popular date idea, but restaurant meals are high in fats, sugars, sodiums, and other … Read More

adminHave a Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day: Fun Ways to Thrive Together

Is Coffee Okay? 5 Things You Should Know

Reading Time: 3 minutesMany people look forward to a fresh cup of coffee to start their day or for a “boost” during an afternoon slump. But those who are health conscious might be wondering if coffee is okay to consume regularly. Well, the answer to that isn’t black and white, but let’s look at some facts about coffee and how it affects our … Read More

adminIs Coffee Okay? 5 Things You Should Know

Getting the Best from Vitamin E

Reading Time: 2 minutesVitamin E is another one of the free radical scavengers. It is a great antioxidant.  And, remember that free radicals are constantly being produced in your body during normal metabolic activities.  I often recommend taking up to 1000 IU (international units) on a daily basis. However, you cannot just jump in and start taking that much. If you do, you could … Read More

adminGetting the Best from Vitamin E

The Truth About Drinking Soda

Reading Time: 3 minutesWe love soda, but it works against us. Most people know that soda is unhealthy. It’s not breaking news. On the other hand, have you ever thought about or questioned if it is good for you? Food MythBusters did. This organization is a project that is dedicated to spreading “the real story of our food”. According to Food MythBusters, here are … Read More

adminThe Truth About Drinking Soda

How to Have a Healthy Heart

Reading Time: 2 minutesI want to share thoughts on dealing with cardio health from a position of strength, beginning with the main star of this system, the heart. Heart Function. The heart is a pumping station to insure that blood flows throughout the body. Blood carries nutrients that are passed into it from the intestinal tract in order to feed all the cells … Read More

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