Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods Disguised as Healthy

Reading Time: 4 minutesMost people know whole foods, like fruits and vegetables, are good for us, but what about packaged foods that claim to be healthy? How much can we trust them? Due to clever marketing or disinformation online, sometimes it’s hard to tell if a food is actually good for you. The foods in this list can fill in that category. They … Read More

adminSurprisingly Unhealthy Foods Disguised as Healthy

Jumpstart New Year’s Resolution to Eat Better

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe New Year is upon us! Did you make a resolution to eat better? While New Year resolutions can be great launching points to create a better life, you might find yourself a little overwhelmed and not sure where to start once January 1st is here and gone. Whether you’re reading this just a few days into January or halfway … Read More

adminJumpstart New Year’s Resolution to Eat Better

5 Ways to Enjoy Holiday Sweets Without Overindulging

Reading Time: 4 minutesFood is a huge part of the holiday season. But those who are mindful of health or weight management might worry about those salt- or sugar-laden foods that are less than nutritious. If you want to enjoy the special treats available this time of year without overdoing it, how can you find a good balance? To help you answer that … Read More

admin5 Ways to Enjoy Holiday Sweets Without Overindulging

Top Omega-3 Benefits for a Healthy Body and Brain

Reading Time: 3 minutesOmega-3s are amazing for supporting our minds, bodies and overall health! Maybe you’ve heard about omega-3s but aren’t sure where to get them or why they’re important. Below, we’ll answer the biggest questions about omega-3s and cover the top benefits of including them in your diet. What are Omega-3s? Omega-3s are known as essential fatty acids, meaning our bodies can’t … Read More

adminTop Omega-3 Benefits for a Healthy Body and Brain

Is a Big Breakfast Necessary?

Reading Time: 3 minutesDo You Have to Eat a Big Breakfast to Be Healthy? You’ve probably heard the saying that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Many weight loss diets will tout the same philosophy, claiming those who eat more at the start of the day are less likely to overeat or reach for the sweets later on. But is … Read More

adminIs a Big Breakfast Necessary?

Time for a Sugar Detox? 5 Healthy Sugar Alternatives

Reading Time: 3 minutesMost of us tend to eat richer, sugary foods during the holiday months. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year all have their array of decadent sweets. While many of us have wholesome memories related to trick-or-treating or grandma’s cookies, the excess sugar doesn’t do us much good. According to Harvard Health, a diet high in sugar (25% or more of total … Read More

adminTime for a Sugar Detox? 5 Healthy Sugar Alternatives

Sneaky Sources of Sodium at Home

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen it comes to sodium, nutrition experts are still debating. Some say we need to cut way back on it, while others warn on the dangers of not getting enough. The truth is we do need some salt because, as an electrolyte, it’s important for keeping our bodies functioning correctly. On the other hand, too much sodium can lead to … Read More

adminSneaky Sources of Sodium at Home

Healthy Alternatives to Deli Meat

Reading Time: 3 minutesPre-packaged lunch meats and deli meats are used as a quick lunch solution for many people, but there are reasons to be wary of this choice. These types of meats are not only poor in nutrition, they can also be harmful to our health. A few years ago, a report was released by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for … Read More

adminHealthy Alternatives to Deli Meat

6 Ways to Boost Focus & Concentration Naturally

Reading Time: 3 minutesOur daily choices affect the brain, as well as the rest of the body — and sometimes our modern environment can make us feel a little off, tired, or experience a lack of concentration or “brain fog”. Thankfully, there are some habits we can adopt to naturally support focus and productivity each day. Here are some top tips to try: … Read More

admin6 Ways to Boost Focus & Concentration Naturally

Headaches: Causes and Natural Tips for Relief

Reading Time: 3 minutesHeadaches show up in different ways depending on the situation and severity, but one thing’s for sure — they aren’t fun. In fact, regular headaches can greatly interfere with quality of life. Let’s look at some of the possible common causes of headaches and some tips you can try for relief. What Causes Headaches? There isn’t one known cause for … Read More

adminHeadaches: Causes and Natural Tips for Relief